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Husafell Canyon Baths - relax like a viking
Traditional baths hidden in the stunning canyon
One of the National Geographic´s Wold Wonders
sky lagoon - luxurious experience by the ocean
Relax in the infinity pool and enjoy the seven-step Sky Ritual

Welcome to the land of Fire and Ice, or in other words Iceland; A country offering its visitors front row tickets to nature’s finest backdrops and otherworldly landscapes. What makes it even more remarkable is its natural resources and more specifically its geothermal activity that gives existence to the country’s world renowned Hot Springs: From off the beaten path near impossible to find secluded spots to easily accessible and significantly less intimate locations, you’ve all seen pictures; the milky waters of the Blue Lagoon to the so called natural ‘hot pots’ spread all throughout the country 

Selection of Hot Spring Tours

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Blue Lagoon award

The glittering jewels in Iceland's crown, the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon are always at the top of everyone's list of "must-see places" here!

From: kr.27.900,0

11 hours
All year
Canyon Baths

Explore the home of the Icelandic Sagas, see stunning waterfalls and relax in the soothing waters of the Canyon Baths surrounded by nature

From: kr.25.900,0

10 hours
All year

Discover the magic of the Snaefellsnes peninsula, explore Saga history in West Iceland and unwind in the warming waters of the Canyon Baths

From: kr.57.900,0

2 days
All year
Sky Lagoon

Explore the famous Golden Circle, see the multi-colored crater at Kerid and enjoy a visit to the spectacular Sky Lagoon! All admissions included

From: kr.23.900,0

10 hours
All year

Explore the epic and untamed wilderness of the Reykjanes Peninsula, as we guide you through the stunning natural wonders


6-9 Hours
All year
blueLagoon Lava Fields

Enjoy Geyser and Gullfoss waterfall, follow in Viking footsteps at Thingvellir, walk around a volcano and relax in the iconic Blue Lagoon


11 hours
All year

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Golden Circle Route is definitely the most popular attraction in Iceland and there is a reason for it

Discover wonders awaiting you to put your feet on the glacier

Explore volcanic craters or go inside lava cave featuring amazing colors and lava formations

Let us take you around Iceland via Route #1 to all the best-known wonders and some hidden pearls

Experience Iceland to the fullest

Bathing Culture in Iceland

Pools and hot springs in Iceland, both heated by the country’s geothermal activity, go pretty much hand in hand. Why you may ask? They’re so deeply embedded in Icelandic culture and local daily life happenings that it’s practically impossible to bypass one without mentioning the other. 

Swimming pools in Iceland are dotted around the country’s ring road and can be pretty much found around each and every corner of any bigger city or town. Whether you have an hour to spare up North or in the capital, you’re guaranteed to find a place to dip your adventurous toes in! What may come to a surprise to tourists visiting Iceland for the first time is the fact that the swimming pools are in majority located outdoors. Yes, you read correctly- outdoors! You’re probably thinking how could a country so high near the Arctic Circle have outdoor pools? Well, the answer is simple – They’re all heated to an average of 28 degrees (and higher), which makes swimming, bathing or simply chitchatting around them a truly great delight!

Pools, especially in and around Reykjavik area are greatly frequented by locals. For some – it’s their dose of early morning exercise. For others it’s a spiritual cleansing ritual of inner alignment. However, come Sunday, they metamorphose in a pinnacle for gossip, family encounters and simply a fun day out no matter the time or weather.  

The Blue Lagoon - most famous Icelandic Hot Spring

Take a plunge in one of the worlds’ most talked about man-made geothermal pools by joining us on one of our many Blue Lagoon included tours we have to offer. Come up close and personal with nature’s finest backdrops and let its fairy-tale like waters soothe your mind and body. Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula – only a mere 45-minute bus ride separate the capital from this truly scrumptious little piece of heaven (and about 30 minutes from the capital of Reykjavik). Its warm waters lingering at a constant 37 to 39 degrees Celsius, unmatched spa facilities paired with a truly unique visual décor encompassing the entire surrounding area – from the earth’s darkest lava rock formations to the beautifully coloured mystical green moss and steam expulsed as high as your eye can see by the geothermal station nearby; The Blue Lagoon offers an experience like no other! No wonder it’s a celebrity hot spot! From singers to politicians and all in between, this is the place to be! Unlike popular belief, the lagoon isn’t man made. It was built in 1976 using wastewater from Svartsengi power station nearby. At first, this idea didn’t appeal to many as, after all, how can wastewater be beneficial to the body? However, extensive research proved that the high concentration of sulphur and silica in its milky blue waters are a great source of comfort for different skin ailments. Its tried and tested regenerative qualities are, one of the many other reasons that visitors keep on coming back, year in, year out. Should you want to go all out and soak in the scenery without having a strict time limit, we advise you to spend a night or two at the newly opened ‘The Retreat Hotel’ – There’s truly no better way to wake up than having a piece of the Blue Lagoon literally at your doorstep!

Husafell Canyon Baths - serene soak in marvelous scenery

An authentic Icelandic hotpot experience in the splendid setting of Hringsgil canyon, magically combining a serene soak in a hot spring with the enchanting landscapes all around you. This place is accessible only during guided tours – roads leading to the canyon are closed for the general traffic and suitable only for specially prepared vehicles.

This is a spellbinding place that has to be seen to be believed, with three geothermally-heated pools of varying temperatures (30-41°C or 86-105°F), a cold-water pot and a cooling waterfall, all designed to blend seamlessly into the natural environment.

The Canyon Baths have a maximum of twenty visitors at a time, making it more of a luxury experience, without crowds of other people.

Imagine relaxing in these healing hot springs while taking in the spectacular views of the steeply surrounding canyon, marvelous mountains and glistening glaciers!

These are traditional and authentic Icelandic bathing pools, inspired by the age-old ways used by the locals in this area for a thousand years. Sustainably built in the traditional stone-bath style in an off-grid location, it’s a unique combination.

The canyon is in a protected environment – there are changing rooms here at the canyon baths, but guests are not allowed to use soaps or detergents in the showers. Bathing shoes and towels are provided for you. After your time in the hotpots, guests are welcome to use the facilities at Husafell free of charge, when we return there later in the 4WD.

Sky Lagoon infinity pool

Sky Lagoon - Infinity Pool & 7-Step Ritual

One of Iceland’s newest geothermal spas, you’ll enjoy a soothing soak in an incredible 250-foot-long heated infinity pool with a swim-up bar and ocean views.

Icelanders love to bathe in geothermal hotpots, and now you can do the same at the Sky Lagoon!

This brand-new spa experience, located just outside Reykjavik, features an immense 250-foot-long heated infinity pool, a swim-up bar and oceanfront views.

You’ll enjoy two heavenly hours lapping up the luxury here at Sky Lagoon – the perfect way to end your Golden Circle experience! During booking process you can select one of the two types of admission: Pure and Sky.

As bathing culture in Iceland is pretty strict and to some visitors seems uncomfortable (yes, we talk about losing it all under the shower and be completely naked in front of strangers), by choosing Sky entrance you will have access to private changing facilities.

Included in both types of admission is a seven-step Sky Ritual combining the healing powers of warm water, cold water, warm steam, dry heat and fresh air. As a small bonus – the ritual takes place in a turf house – looks exactly the same way as longhouses from the old times. 

Myvatn Baths - relaxing time in the North

Nestled in a quiet area of the country’s Northern territory with rich and colourful fauna and flora and yet again, unbeatable natural sceneries is lake Mývatn. Spreading over 36 square kilometres of pristine territory, this tranquil spot is also home to the Mývatn Nature Bath, also known as the ‘Green Lagoon’- the second most visited Icelandic man-made hot pool.

Its pristine waters are directly sourced from a nearby borehole, reaching up to 130 degrees Celsius. They are then transformed into a user-friendly temperature whilst still conserving their geothermal wellness properties. The Baths’ chemical composition makes it impossible for bacteria growth to occur and its high amount of minerals and silicates allow visitors to enjoy its skin calming and rejuvenating properties -similar to the Blue lagoon. Our Ring Road Tours give you the opportunity to fully immerse in its calming waters or relax in one of its bespoke steam rooms after a long day of exploring with us the nearby rugged landscapes.

Its smaller size invites lesser crowds and offers its guests a more secluded and intimate setting. Changing rooms and shower facilities are abundantly available on premises, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience. The area also has one restaurant and a café onsite with various dining options, providing you with the necessary energy boost to continue your daily explorations. Savour a glass of wine whilst overlooking in the distance clouds of steam slowly arising to the Earth’s surface from deep within – a true bucket list moment.


Vök Geothermal Floating Pools

A short drive from the countries’ Eastern capital of Egilsstaðir takes you to Iceland’s newest geothermal destination, the Vök geothermal pools set on the beautiful Lake Urriðavatn.

You can opt in for a relaxing time at Vök during our Guide Ring Road Tours Around Iceland. It is an ideal way to end the day full of adventure.

You will find there two floating pools with infinity view over the lake, two on shore pools, sauna, cold water spray tunnel and an in-water pool bar. For those who like to take a swim in a colder water – why not take a plunge into the lake? The water temperature is between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius and to your convenience there are stairs that take you straight to the cooling waters of Urriðavatn. 

Hot springs scattered deep underneath the lake heat these exquisitely designed man made formations allowing its guests to take full advantage of the geothermal waters and their natural healing properties from deep within Iceland’s grounds.

Swimming Pools in Reykjavik - be like a local!

Icelandic public thermal pools not only soothe the mind and body but provide their visitors with a unique spa experience for a fraction of the cost (990 ISK for an adult single entry fare). It’s not for the shy one’s out there as before entering the pool, it is obligatory that you take a shower without your bathing suit on. Yes, that means completely butt naked! Soap is complimentary and provided by the facility. You’ll be squeaky clean and ready to rumble in no time! Most swimming pools come with their own steam rooms and saunas; perfect for loosening those stiff joints after a long day of exploring Iceland’s marvellous natural backdrops. Good news is that all this 5 star luxury is included in the pool’s entry fee! What’s not to love! Fancy a more intimate setting? Take it slow and enjoy some calmness by dipping in one of the many outdoor hot tubs near the pool’s premises. Most are kept at a comfortable delightful temperature however, for the Vikings at heart out there, why not take this experience to the next level and try the colder 8-degree tubs! They will leave you refreshed and energized to say the least.

Geothermal activity explained simply

Wondering how come it is the cold island in the North that developed such a bathing culture? Iceland is surrounded by water. Lots of it.  After all, it’s a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Its geological location makes it one of most seismically active regions in the world.  Picture it the Armageddon of volcanic activity! When all this activity concentrates, magma and heat is generated, that is thereafter expulsed in the upper layers of the Earth to be used as required. In the old days, one of the most popular uses of this geothermal activity was, none other but the slow baking of delicious rye bread (or Thunder bread) deep within its grounds.

Nowadays, Iceland has truly become the forerunner of geothermal energy – being used across a number of sectors and activities: from household heating to generating electricity and all in between.

The natural geothermal activity found below the country’s rough exterior is also the main culprit for the existence of so many picture perfect hot springs and geothermal pools scattered all over its grounds eagerly awaiting fellow tourists and local alike to take a dip and enjoy some moments of well deserved peace and serenity.