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Guide to Your Visit In Iceland

Hæ! Seems like you are thinking about spending some time in Iceland 🙂

On this page you will find brief guide to your visit in Iceland that can help you to get some ideas about your visit in Iceland

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Iceland offers you an unbeatable choice of thrilling adventure activities from glacier hikes and blue ice caving to white water river rafting and exploring underground lava tunnels – some activities are highly seasonal, so choosing right time to visit can be crucial in some cases. 

As well as that, you can get up close to whales, dolphins, puffins and seals in their natural habitats. Or you can gaze in wonder at Iceland’s stunning scenery from one of the famous hot pots. We run tours all year round to suit all ages, abilities and interest

Are you wondering what kind of weather will be in Iceland during your Guided Day Tour with Nice Travel?

We want you to enjoy your time with us as much as possible, and that includes helping you plan for Iceland’s very changeable weather. Here’s what to expect from your time in the Land of Fire and Ice, split into month-by-month sections.

Wondering what you’ll be eating while you’re in Iceland? Then get ready to enjoy fresh fish, succulent lamb, tasty Skyr, and some Viking treats too!
Icelandic cuisine is inspired by local ingredients, focusing on daily seafood catches and farm-fresh lamb dishes. At the same time, traditional recipes like dried fish and fermented shark will challenge you to eat just like the Vikings did! Here’s our fun guide to Icelandic food!

Have you come to Iceland to gaze in wonder at the Northern Lights? Then read our fun guide to the Aurora Borealis for everything you need to know!

The Northern Lights are one of the most stunning sights in nature, and Iceland gives you the ideal environment to enjoy this wonderful bucket-list experience. Of course, seeing this cosmic spectacle needs clear dark nights and a little luck – we’ll be here to guide you in the right direction!

Are you wondering which of our fun-filled tours you should choose? Don’t worry! At Nicetravel, we have sightseeing tours perfect for all ages and abilities. We’re here to help you pick the tour that suits you best, getting the most out of your time in Iceland. Picking the right tour depends on what type of traveler you are. Are you looking for a “relaxed” experience or something more “adventurous” to get your pulse racing?

Are you getting ready for your Guided Day Tour or Multi-Day Tour in Iceland with Nice Travel?

We’re looking forward to showing you the best of Iceland’s natural wonders. We want to make sure you have lots of fun and enjoy an unforgettable day with us, so here’s some helpful advice about what to wear and what to bring with you.

celand is the “Land of Fire and Ice”, a magical place where mighty volcanoes and gigantic glaciers continually shape an ever-changing landscape. The Icelandic weather is just as wild, which means you need to be prepared when you take a guided day tour in Iceland.

We offer pick up and drop off within the city of Reykjavik.   We can pick-up directly from many hotels and guest houses in Reykjavik as well as from the Reykjavik cruise ship terminals. 

Parts of the Reykjavik city centre are restricted for bus driving.   This means that all tour companies are only allowed to stop at certain designated bus stop locations in the centre of Reykjavík to pick up the guests from hotels or other accommodations located within this area.


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