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Are you getting ready for your Iceland Guided Day Tour or Multi-Day Tour with Nice Travel! We’re looking forward to showing you the best of Iceland’s natural wonders. We want to make sure you have lots of fun and enjoy an unforgettable day with us, so here’s some helpful advice about what to wear and what to bring with you. Read on for our Top Tips below!

Iceland is the “Land of Fire and Ice”, a magical place where mighty volcanoes and gigantic glaciers continually shape an ever-changing landscape. The Icelandic weather is just as wild, which means you need to be prepared when you take a guided day tour in Iceland


You might start your guided tour in Iceland in bright sunshine in Reykjavik. But then, as we leave the capital behind us, there might be sudden sheets of rain, strong winds and very changeable temperatures.

You might want to go shopping for souvenirs at some point, but you won’t want to spend your money on extra clothing while you’re on your trip, not with the prices in Iceland being as high as they are!

So, here are our recommendations for your rucksack – make sure that you read this list carefully!


Going on a Day or Multi-Day Tour in Iceland? Wear layers!

As we’ve mentioned, the weather in Iceland is famous for changing quickly without warning, so that means it’s essential to be flexible with your clothing choices.

The easiest way to do that is to layer up.

Wear long-sleeve base layers, T-shirts and tops that you can easily take off or put back on again.

Merino wool tops are a popular choice unless you’ve already bought a lopapeysa! If you have, make sure that you wear it on your guided day tour in Iceland and really fit in with the locals.

Thermal underwear is also a good idea, particularly in the cooler months.

As for trousers, think carefully about wearing jeans. If they get wet, they can take a long time to dry out.

Good jacket is a must!

Iceland is right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which means that it can be very windy when there’s no shelter. There aren’t many trees to hide behind either!

So that means it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re wearing a windproof jacket, or thick fleece, or a padded coat to keep out the cold. You want to make the most of your guided tour in Iceland rather than running for cover in the minibus if it gets too windy!

Staying warm and dry is just as important – nobody enjoys a day out if the rain has soaked them. So, make sure that you pack a waterproof coat (and trousers, if you’ve got some) to be on the safe side.

Don’t bother bringing an umbrella – it won’t last five seconds on a windy day in Iceland! Just in case we haven’t mentioned it yet, it can get seriously windy here!

Gloves, Hats & Buffs to keep you comortable

It’s a good idea to pack a good pair of gloves and a snug hat. If the weather changes, you’ll want to keep your head and hands warm too. It is better to bring these items with you and not need them, rather than pay a high price for an emergency purchase in the souvenir shops along the route! Don’t wear a brimmed hat – you might not have it on your head for very long! The wind, remember?

We also recommend to wear buffs and other type on neck warmers. Icelanders always choose these to keep their heads warm – they’re a snug fit around the neck and head, offering warmth and protection. Unlike scarves, they won’t blow away quite so quickly!

Socks - try the local woolen ones!

We recommend that you choose the thickest pair you’ve got – or perhaps wear two pairs! As a second pair you can try our woolen socks (do not put them on a bare skin though!). Keeping your feet warm is the key to happiness on your guided tour in Iceland. 

Choose proper footwear depending on a type of the Tour you have chosen!

Iceland is a challenging wilderness, breathtaking in its beauty but also rugged and wild. There are footpaths where we will stop, but they are often overgrown and muddy. Make sure that you wear solid waterproof shoes that can cope with the conditions and help keep your feet dry too. 

If you are going on one of our Glacier Walk, Ice Cave, Lava Caving or Volcano Hike tour then we highly recommend to wear hiking boots reaching above your ankle. We are aware that not many people use and own that kind of shoes – that is why we offer them to rent. When booking one of our tours you most likely noticed that sometimes extra item called “Hiking boots -rental” is available. Rental option is available only for tours that this kind of footwear will really make a difference. 

Should you wear sunglasses and other type of face protection? Yes!

This is usually one thing people visiting Iceland forget about. While the temperatures in Iceland aren’t ever going to cause concern, you’ll still need sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun, especially when it’s quite low in the sky. Once here you will soon realize that sunlight can be very tricky here. So even though it sounds funny – remember to pack your sunglasses when going to Iceland. Especially in the winter time! 

Remember the wind we keep mentioning? Bring some lip balm and some moisturiser to protect your skin from drying out too much. Yes, you can get sunburn in Iceland as well. 

Lastly, but not least!

Never buy bottled water in Iceland – the water here is amongst the purest in the world, and you’ll never see the locals purchase water. Just remember to bring a water bottle and fill it up whenever you get the chance.

You’re about to take a guided day tour in Iceland, and that means this will be a road trip like no other you’ve taken before. Iceland is a photographer’s paradise, so make sure that you’ve got all the camera equipment and battery packs you need to get those Insta-worthy pics to show your friends and family. Bring your charging cables with you as well, so you can plug in and keep your equipment juiced up and ready for those magical moments!

We look forward to seeing you!