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And never look back - ahead awaits aplenty
DETTIFOSS - EUROPE´s most powerfull waterfall
Powered by the biggest glacier on the continent
Northern geothermal fiels
the most colorful landcapes in Iceland
stuðlagil canyon - newly discovered gem
biggest formation made of basalt columns in the whole country
Meet friendly giants playing in the sea
Must do in the North - region famous for reach wildlife

As its name suggests, the Ring Road is Iceland’s only road that runs around the country and connect cities, towns and inhabits with each other. The fully paved 1332 km road is open all year round (depending on weather conditions) and the best thing about it is that it runs also through the majority of Iceland’s most influential backdrops and tourist attractions! Grandiose waterfalls, moonlike landscapes and imposing glaciers become not only reality but at your fingertips reach.

This is why, in order to grasp the island’s special and at times calmly eerie atmosphere and natural ambiance, a road trip along Ring Road, is not just suggested but wholeheartedly recommended by locals and tourists alike. 

Selection of Ring Road Tours

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Travel around the country on the 4-day guided Ring Road tour. See all the must-see places spread across the island


4 days

Discover all of Iceland’s most magnificent sights on this breathtaking 5-day guided Ring Road tour, taking you to all the must-see places!


5 days

Travel around Iceland to discover many natural wonders spread across the country. This tour offers an option to customize the itinerary

From: kr.149.900,00

5 days

Go on a journey around Iceland to discover the true variety of Icelandic nature. Customize the last day of your travel

From: kr.199.000,00

6 days

Join this 7-day guided tour that takes you around Iceland via Route 1, called the Ring Road, to all the best-known wonders and some hidden pearls


7 days

Need more ideas?

Golden Circle Route is definitely the most popular attraction in Iceland and there is a reason for it

Take one of our adventure tours that end up in thermal SPA to experience Iceland to the fullest!

Discover wonders awaiting you to put your feet on the glacier

Explore volcanic craters or go inside lava cave featuring amazing colors and lava formations

Encircle Iceland and do not look back!

There are many destinations dotted all around the world that have striking splendorous and offer captivating natural sceneries from the moment you step foot on the airports tarmac up until the very last moment you head back home. Iceland definitely tops the list. A sense of peace and tranquility reigns over the entire country, with natural sights and raw landscapes that have the ability to leave internal footprints on anyone lucky enough to venture to this heavenly land.

Described by many as the ‘small country with a big heart’, tacking a few days off and jetting to this small island set seemingly so far away from chaos and human existence, yet only a stone throw away, is the best present you can ever gift yourself with.

Iceland’s territory is spread out on a little over 103,000 km² (two times smaller than England for example) however, its vast magnetism is deepened by the sheer quantity of little natural wonders dotted all around its grounds: More than 10.000 waterfalls, 269 glaciers and 130 volcanoes currently grace its lands with many more new formations emerging whilst others slowly disappear.

When faced with so many options, sometimes it’s quite a daunting task to choose where to start, what to see, and what to skip, especially when there’s an overload of information, different opinions and possibilities.

Is this tour for you?

Iceland’s a magnificent country for explorers to immerse themselves in the sights and smells, landscapes and wildlife encounters of its territory. There are indeed plentiful car rental companies that offer a wide array of packages to suit the experience and budget of each every traveller.

We agree that self-drive tours provide you with more flexibility on your time, accommodation and pit stops along the way. They’re a perfect option if you want to feel more in control.

However, when it comes to unknown territories, comfort and safety should be your utmost top priority: There’s nothing better than knowing your itinerary has been carefully planned out and is continuously monitored by a team of professionals with years of experience under their belts. The only thing you are requested to do is it sit back, relax and take in all the beautiful sights whilst being driven to your next location.

Still wondering if the Ring Road guided tour is for you? Here are some pointers to take into consideration:

The distance: The entire route is spread over a little over 1330 kilometres. That’s a lot of driving!

The weather: Icelandic weather is very unpredictable. One moment it’ll be incredibly sunny and warm, the next minute you’ll be staring right into the eye of a snowstorm. It’s always a good idea to have a knowledgeable professional with you in such circumstances.

Natural hazards: Although Iceland is a safe country to drive in, mother nature sometimes takes her toll on unexperienced or unfamiliar drivers. In certain situations, especially when high in the mountains or during river crossings, local experience is vital. During winter, roads can be coated by black ice, making conditions extremely slippery and hazardous.

The locations: Route 1 takes you through Iceland’s top attractions. Famous sights come with large quantities of tourists. This unfortunately cannot be avoided however, our guides can decide what’s the best time to visit, which attractions are better to see mornings and those better so see during afternoon as well as show you some hidden off the beaten path gems that aren’t specified in all guide books and tourist information brochures.

You’ll make friends: Small group tours are ideal for solo travelers and for those wanting to meet fellow visitors. Whether it’s a short one day trip, or our bigger 5 day and 7 day Ring Road circle tour, you’ll start off as strangers and leave as friends!