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Nicetravel Iceland - Have A Nice Tour While In Iceland!

All our tours are “small-group” tours with a maximum of 19 guests on each tour as we believe this is very important in creating the most enjoyable and personal experience possible for our guests.

Join one of our tours and our TEAM NICE will take you on an unforgettable adventure in the beautiful Icelandic nature, showing you both the best-known wonders and some hidden pearls. Being Nice is our motto – which we hope reflects in the reviews posted all over the web

Small Group Tours From Reykjavík

Come with us to explore the Land of Fire and Ice, discovering Iceland’s magical natural wonders in comfort and safety.

Go green as you enjoy our full selection of small-size group tours (with no more than 19 aboard), including our convenient pick-ups/drop-offs from Reykjavik hotels, guest houses or meeting points.

See the best sights in Iceland and let us do all the driving in our modern minibuses, fully equipped with free WiFi and USB chargers. Be amazed by dramatic black sand beaches, towering volcanoes and beautiful waterfalls, or enjoy relaxing in Iceland’s famous hot springs. Book now!

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