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If you want to explore Iceland in an uncrowded and relaxed way, then this region is the place where you should go! Beautiful cliffs, fjords, wildlife, volcanic landscapes and craters combined with stunning waterfalls and mountains. There are very good reasons why Snaefellsnes was on the Lonely Planet TOP 10 Regions in World 2015 list, and why Borgarfjordur is the main inland tourist destination among Icelanders. Yet many visitors tend to skip this region in their itinerary. 

Dramatic sceneries, infinite fjords, volcanic lava fields and endless beach shorelines characterize this part of Iceland’s territory.

It’s an adventurers playground, with an array of thrilling outdoor activities suited for both beginners and more knowledgeable sightseers: A variety of hiking trails, caving and glacier experiences and jaw dropping otherworldly rugged sceneries are only a fraction of the glorious natural attractions that are offered in this stunning little part the island.

Iceland in miniature – Snaefellsnes

There are not some many places here in Iceland where you can see so many kinds of geology packed into such a small area. Once the bus will reach peninsula it is easy to be amazed by the sites around.  Gerduberg (Gerðuberg) Cliffs will be the one welcoming you first on the route.  Gerduberg is an impressive wall of basalt columns reaching up to 14 meters in high. They were formed during a lava eruption, when lava ran down off the cliffs to the ocean. What can amaze you is the symmetric shape of the columns – quite unusual for naturally made structures.

Borgarfjordur - The Silver Circle Route awaits you!

One of the many questions we get from visitors is “Where can I find the place where Icelanders are going to?”. While many answers to this question in a form of a joke (“Tenerife”), usually they give a proper answer later – Borgarfjordur. Due to its unusual microclimate this is one of the warmest parts of Iceland and (what is most important for local people) has a forest, lovely lava waterfalls, hot springs and dozens of walking paths ideal for short hiking trips.

The whole area of Borgarfjorður can be regarded as the setting for many of the Icelandic Sagas. One of the most important places in Icelandic culture is Reykholt. There you can learn a bit about history of Iceland and see Snorralaug – small hot spring used by local people since 12th century. This place was first mentioned in medieval writings of Snorri Sturluson -the famous Icelandic poet and politician who used to bath there. 

Selection of West Iceland Tours

2-Day West Coast Tour | Snaefellsnes, Silver Circle & the Lava Cave

Discover the magic of the West, visit fabulous waterfalls and hot springs and see stalactites and stalagmites in a spectacular lava cave

ISK 44.900

2 days
All Year
2-Day West Coast Tour | Snæfellsnes, Silver Circle with Canyon Baths

Discover the magic of the Snaefellsnes peninsula, explore Saga history in West Iceland and unwind in the warming waters of the Canyon Baths

ISK 45.900

2 days
All year
Silver Circle Small Group Day Tour | Canyon Baths, Waterfalls & Sagas

Explore the home of the Icelandic Sagas, see stunning waterfalls and relax in the soothing waters of the Canyon Baths surrounded by nature

ISK 20.900

9 hours
All year
5-Day Summer Package | Golden Circle, South and West Coast of Iceland

Visit the three main national parks of Iceland, go on a glacier hike, lava caving and take a boat ride on the ice strewn Glacier Lagoon

ISK 129.900

5 days
Silver Circle | West Iceland Small Group Day Tour to the Lava Cave

Marvelous waterfalls, dramatic lava fields, spectacular lava cave, boiling hot springs, and medieval Icelandic heritage are all awaiting you

ISK 19.900

9 Hours
All year
Magnificent Snaefellsnes National Park | Small Group Day Tour

Fantastic combination of gigantic glaciers, photogenic mountains, plunging waterfalls, black sand beaches, and a snow-capped strato-volcano

ISK 16.900

11 hours
All year

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