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2-Day South Coast Action Package | Golden Circle, Glacier Hike & River Rafting

Take this action-packed thrillseeker’s package tour to explore Iceland’s Golden Circle and the South Coast. Hike across a glacier and go river rafting!

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Come with us on an unforgettable adventure tour of the world-famous Golden Circle and Iceland’s sensational South Coast! 

Get ready to be amazed by thundering waterfalls, geysers and dramatic black sand beaches! 

And you’ll walk between two continents like the Vikings did, hike across a glittering glacier and paddle downstream from a waterfall on a river raft! 

Where else can you do all that in two days? Only in Iceland!

Your action-packed 2-day adventure will begin with a convenient collection from your city accommodation and an enjoyable drive out of the city, with splendid views of Mount Esja along the way. It doesn’t take long to reach the stunning sights of Þingvellir National Park, the geothermal gushers at Geysir and the gorgeous waterfall at Gullfoss.

These three fantastic places form the Golden Circle, the most popular tour in the country.  Our tour takes you for an even closer look at Iceland’s unique landscapes with an exhilarating river rafting ride on the Hvítá (White River) before an overnight stay in the picturesque town of Hveragerði.

The second day is all about Iceland’s magical South Coast, where you’ll be astonished by the towering waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss, Skógafoss and Gljúfrabúi.  But the thrills don’t stop there – you’ll strap on crampons and take a memorable stroll on Sólheimajökull, one of Iceland’s gigantic glaciers!

The tour will end with a visit to Reynisfjara. This extraordinary black sand beach stretches as far as the eye can see, lined with beautiful basalt columns and towering sea stacks. Then we’ll return you to your city accommodation along Iceland’s picturesque Ring Road over the magnificent Blue Mountains

Day 1 | Golden Circle & Kerid Volcanic Crater

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Once we’ve picked you up in our comfortable tour bus, you can sit back and relax, soaking up the wonderful views on our way to the Golden Circle. Look left to enjoy marvelous mountain views of Esja, the widescreen peak that lines Faxaflói, or to your right for city views of Perlan and Hallgrímskirkja.

Thingvellir National Park

Our first stop is Þingvellir National Park (pronounced “thing-vetleer”). In this gigantic rift valley, you’ll see where the tectonic plates of America and Europe are splitting apart. Don’t worry, though! It’s a slow process, with the gap widening at about the same speed your fingernails are growing.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge cuts through Iceland here, triggering frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. You’ll see signs of this everywhere you look. This is a sacred place for Icelanders, where the Viking settlers held summer festivals and made their laws for a thousand years at the Alþingi, the oldest surviving parliament in the world. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can walk between two continents and imagine yourself following in the footsteps of Vikings!

Geysir & Haukadalur Geothermal Area

Another short drive brings you to Geysir, where you’ll get the chance to feel the phenomenal geothermal power that rumbles under your feet and see it explode into the sky every few minutes! The Icelandic word geysir means “to gush”, and this is where the name for all geysers originates. Here in the Haukadalur Geothermal Area, superheated steam rises from the earth while hot pots boil and bubble away all around you.

“The Great Geysir” is silent mainly these days after geological changes. Still, Strokkur sends hot water fountains shooting into the sky several times an hour. This is the place to get great photos for your Instagram – just check which way the wind is blowing first!

Gullfoss - The Golden Waterfall

Close by lies the gorgeous waterfall at Gullfoss, the “Golden Falls”, where you’ll be astounded by the sight of an enormous two-tier waterfall tumbling into a deep river canyon. Sheets of spray hang in the air, and on sunny days, you’ll see rainbows arching over the falls as the waters crash over a thirty-meter cliff.

Several viewing platforms here allow you to enjoy the spectacle from different perspectives. On clear days, you might see Langjökull (the “Long Glacier”) in the distance, which sends millions of gallons of glacial meltwater down the Hvítá river to Gullfoss.

White River Rafting Experience

Most people finish their Golden Circle adventure here, but we have an extra treat for you to enjoy! As the Hvítá (White) river flows away from Gullfoss, you can have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of paddling a river raft through the breathtaking Brúarhlöður canyon.

We’ll take you right to the river’s edge and safely escort you onboard a rugged river raft, ready for your aquatic adventure! It’s a fabulous way to experience these dramatic Icelandic landscapes from another perspective – and definitely one for the bucket list! 

The rafting experience is suitable for most ages and abilities. You’ll have expert guides, waterproof suits, life jackets and safety equipment to keep you afloat! Just get ready to enjoy every second of this memorable journey. 


You’ll spend the night in Hveragerði, one of the lovely little towns on the South Coast, lined with geothermally-heated greenhouses filled with tomatoes and bananas!

The town lies on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and you can stand on either side of the continental divide between Europe and America in the shopping mall too! The name means “Hot Spring Field”, and you’ll see steam vapor rising from the ground everywhere you look here. Some of the restaurants even use this geothermal heat for cooking their dishes!

OVERNIGHT STAY IN HVERAGERDI - town famous for Geothermal Activity

Day 2 | South Coast Waterfalls, Black Beach & Glacier Hike

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The second day of your action-packed tour starts with a visit to Seljalandsfoss, a spectacular 200-foot waterfall with an extra-special feature – you can walk all the way around it!

Seljalandsfoss & Gljufrabui Waterfalls

This powerful ribbon of water is fed by Eyjafjallajökull. This famous volcano stopped international air traffic for several days when it erupted in 2010. 

Now the glacial meltwaters from the ice cap pour over the cliffs here, carving out an enormous cave where you can scramble behind the majestic cascade. Of course, you’ll get a bit wet, but it’ll be worth it!  Justin Bieber came here for one of his music videos, so Seljalandsfoss is a superstar waterfall now!

There’s an extra treat here, missed by many visitors – the concealed cave where Gljúfrabúi can be found!  Hidden away in a green canyon, you can get some awesome pictures of this waterfall with a few steps on stones from the secret entrance. We’ll show you how to find it, just a short walk from Seljalandsfoss.

Skogafoss Waterfalls

Just a short drive around the other side of the volcano brings you to Skógafoss, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Featured in “Game of Thrones”, several Hollywood films and music videos, Skógafoss faces directly south, so there’s always a chance of seeing rainbows here on bright days.

You can climb some stairs to the top of the falls to see how far the sea has receded. Skógafoss used to flow directly into the Atlantic Ocean here, but it’s now five kilometers away! Crashing down from 60 meters, the cascade creates a lot of spray, so see how close you can get to the falls before you get too wet!

Glacier Hike on top of Sólheimajökull

These incredible waterfalls are all fed by glacial meltwater flowing down from Iceland’s rugged interior. Now it’s time for you to explore where that water comes from with a glacier hike at Sólheimajökull.

Glaciers cover over a tenth of Iceland, although some are now receding because of climate change. So this is your opportunity to take an unforgettable hike across this mammoth river of ice and explore unique ice caves and crevasses before they disappear altogether!

It’s one of the most accessible glaciers to reach in Iceland. So we’ll provide you with all the safety kit you’ll need, like crampons, ropes, and helmets. Also, expert guides are on hand to ensure you will enjoy your time here.

Reynisfjara - The Black Beach

The final stop of your 2-day Action Package takes you to the world-famous black sand beach at Reynisfjara. This iconic location has been named one of the finest non-tropical beaches in the world by National Geographic, and it’s easy to see why!

The endless volcanic black sands are lined with beautiful basalt columns on one side while towering sea stacks loom just offshore. Folk tales say that these stone stacks are giant trolls frozen in sunlight when they were caught when the dawn came! Powerful Atlantic waves crash ashore here, so listening to your guide and keeping a close eye on the waves while you explore the beach is essential.

Then it will be time to return to the city, having seen some of the most spectacular sights in the Land of Fire and Ice!









Know Before You Go

Proper footwear when walking on uneven and slippery surfaces increases your safety and comfort. Please note, that you can be banned from participating in glacier activities when not wearing required shoes. If you do not own proper footwear (solid shoes reaching above your ankle) you can rent them during booking process

Hiking boots

For your convenience, it is recommended that you pack lightly for this tour, in a small suitcase or backpack. If you have large luggage with you, please check with your accommodation if they offer luggage storage for your time on this tour. If that is not a possibility, you can pay a small fee per luggage and we will make sure we have space for it on the tour bus or in a special luggage trailer



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