famous Icelandic Geothermal SPA

We hope you are ready to explore Iceland with Nicetravel on our Golden Circle, Kerið & Blue Lagoon Day Tour! If you are wondering how your last stop will look like and how you should prepare for it, we hope that this short article will help to solve your concerns.

How to enter Blue Lagoon SPA?

If you made booking through us (by booking the tour with admission included or by purchasing tickets to the Blue Lagoon on our website) then it is our guide who will assist you in getting in. There is no need to carry any ticket – your name will be on the list carried by our representative. If you booked the ticket on the Blue Lagoon´s website or through another reseller, then please make sure to keep your ticket handy. Blue Lagoon´s hosts will be there for you. Once entering the Blue Lagoon, you will receive a towel and electronic bracelet to open/close your locker and to pay for additional services and refreshments (please note that one welcome drink is already included in the comfort admission). If you don´t have a swimming suit, then you can rent it at the reception. Single use slippers and bathrobes are also available.

In the dressing rooms

Before you can jump into warm and silky waters of the Blue Lagoon you need to change and shower first. And let´s be honest here – that part sometimes scares visitors in Iceland. All over the Internet you can find comments and reviews regarding showering facilities in Icelandic swimming pools where you need to undress yourself and shower completely naked in front of strangers. Even though it is true – showering etiquette in Iceland is quite strict in order to keep the water clean and reduce the amount of chemicals, at the Blue Lagoon you can feel completely relaxed about it. This place has changed in recent years due to visitors demand and now is offering intimate facilities both for changing and showering. But please keep in mind – if you decide to go to any public swimming pool in Reykjavík you will have to go nude like all others. If you don´t, then… you will be reminded about it by staff members or even fellow swimmers. Swimming pools play quite important role in our culture and everyone wants just to relax in clean and warm waters.

In fact, at the Blue Lagoon no chlorine is used. Blue Lagoon holds nine million litres of geothermal seawater which is naturally renewed every 40 hours. The lagoon is a self-cleaning ecosystem – no foreign bacteria can survive in its waters. Despite the number of people visiting Blue Lagoon daily all the facilities are kept in really great condition. Please remember to put hair conditioner (complimentary) on before you enter the bath. Silica can make you hair stiff and unmanageable if you forget about it, but will not be harmful.

Time to relax in the Blue Lagoon SPA!

Changed into your swimming suit and showered you can start the best part of the Blue Lagoon SPA experience – soaking in the mineral-rich warmth. Geothermal seawaters at the Blue Lagoon are reach in silica, algae and various minerals. Even though whole bathing area is located outdoors the temperature of the water kept between 37° and 40°C (98°-104°F) will make you feel comfortable. There is only short, 5 seconds long walk from the building. The deepest area in the Blue Lagoon is 1.4m/4.7ft. and the shallowest area is less than 0.8m/2.6ft. 

You do not need to know how to swim to fully enjoy facilities. In fact, waters are not suitable for vigorous exercise and diving is not allowed anywhere at the lagoon. While in water it is worth to use famous silica and algae masks. Silica enhances the skin’s barrier function, bringing strength, protection, and radiance. Algae increases collagen production, nourishing the skin from within and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

On average people spend 1-1,5 hour in the water. If you get tired you can always take an advantage of indoor relaxation area, finish sauna and steam room.

In water bar and extra treatments

If you get thirsty while in water you can choose from the selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages like smoothies, juices, soft drinks, beer and wine. All the purchases will be recorded on your electronic bracelet and payment will take place during checkout.

If you want to take an advantage of an in-water massage, we highly advise to book an appointment advance as they fill up quite quickly. You can do so by giving them phone call at +354 420 8800. It is definitely worth to try it – both your mind, body and spirit will benefit from it. All the in-water treatments are performed in a private area of the Blue Lagoon SPA.

After relaxing two hours at the lagoon it is time to head back to Reykjavík. If you want to bring some of the lagoon’s natural wonders the Skin Care shop offers you that kind of possibility. You do not have to do it on site if you are running out of time – they run the store on Laugavegur Street in downtown Reykjavík. All the products are based on phenomenal geothermal sea water, so you can still enjoy it once home.

Please note: If you are in advance pregnancy or have stiches please consult your doctor before entering the Blue Lagoon.